How to fix creaking/rubbing noise coming from passenger front Hyundai Elantra

Around 15,000 miles my 2018 Hyundai Elantra started making a noise that sounded like creaking or a bad ball joint when turning right over uneven surfaces. Thinking it was a bad ball joint I jacked up the car and started shaking the front end down. I found nothing. After all the car only had 15,000 miles on it. I did a little bit of research and came across a TSB for the 2017 Elantra making noise in the front end. The noise mentioned in the TSB was related to the upper strut nut.

This TSB was not the reason for my car’s creaking noise though. I kept researching and thinking about what the noise could be. There’s almost nothing that could make noise on that side of the car other than suspension components and an engine mount. So I started looking at the engine mount. Its just a rubber bushing and 2 pieces of metal on the left side of the engine bay. After getting a good look at the part I figured I would try spraying some silicone lubricant on the bushing to see if it helped. To my surprise after the silicone settled in the noise was gone. My car currently has 40,000 miles on it and I did this over a year ago. I have not heard the noise since the day I sprayed it. I have a 2018 Elantra value edition with the 2.0L nu engine. I also was in a 2019 KIA Forte with the same engine and heard the noise as well. I think that this will fix almost any Hyundai Kia engine with this type of engine mount.

The only warning that I have for people trying this is that the serpentine belt is directly beneath where you are spraying. I put a towel under the engine mount and above the belt to stop any drips when I was doing it. I don’t think its completely necessary but worth noting.

Location of the engine mount
Close up. Part number 21810-F3300 BRACKET ASSY-ENGINE MTG
My Enterprise special (:

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